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MMIFLY Bath Towels
MMIFLY Bath Towels

MMIFLY Bath Towels

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The only towel you'll never lose again...lol
Of course you're not stealing towels from you're hotel suite and we can assume their not going to charge your credit card for a couple of missing bath towels. Well here at The MMIFLY Federation, we travel all over the globe, searching for the unique and creative artifacts that inspire us, but as frequent travelers, sometimes things get overlooked and lost. In an attempt to fix this we've created our own custom bath/beach towels that we assure will never get old to look at and we promise, after you purchase, you'll never share this towel with anyone else in your family home and more importantly you'll never confuse those ordinary towels with ours. Mom's & Dad's beware, the kids will claim this as if they made it....lol
So be smart and grab 3 while you're at it....LOL.

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• Available in one size: 30”x60”
• 52% cotton, 48% polyester
• Printed on one side only
• The non-printed side is made of terry fabric, making the towel more water-absorbent